What is this?
Who are you even?

Relax. Don't panic. It's just a website. It's actually my website. I’m Laust and I’m a creative technologist. So, just sit back and enjoy it. As much as you can enjoy a personal website, anyway.

Your website? You build these things?

Yes. I actually build websites and interfaces for a living. I'm based in New York Copenhagen Reno Portland and I like to make stuff, especially when it's both effective and pretty. I've built websites since I was a mere 12 year old (back in 1997, when <blink> was so cool).

Now, I spend most of my time working for Vertic 1508 Koalition AWS freelancing for amazing people who allows me to create awesome stuff, in the realms of user experience design, prototyping and front-end development. When I'm not working, I spend my time designing, sketching, coding half-finished web experiments and reading a lot of blog posts. Even though it's thoroughly nerdy I'm passionate about user interactions and code.

You can check out some of my nerdy stuff on GitHub, Shadertoy or Codepen. Feel free to shoot me a mail at hello@ljd.dk, if you feel like it.

People say nice things about me

  • What I truly enjoy about my line of work, is that I once in a while come across people who make me feel I've plenty more to learn.

    Michael Nilsson
  • Laust is one of the best, if not the best, front-end developers I've ever worked with.

    Emil Rømer Christensen
  • He has a passion for his craft that is rarely seen in veterans of the industry and spending any amount of time with him will challenge your notions about web design best practice – for the better.

    Harald Eckmüller
  • Laust has been a great mentor, always up for helping anyone in need and sharing his research on new technologies and approaches to website development.

    Janina Schill
  • Definitely one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with.

    Morten Steinbach
  • Laust has the unique combination of technical skills and a business-oriented mindset.

    Bernt Elkjær

Get in touch

If you ever want to get in touch, please feel free to do so! Just throw me a mail.

Laust Johan Deleuran